Even if you eat out every meal of every day, you still have time for a fresh cup of coffee before you leave in the morning and cool drink when you get back in the evening.

Trexler-Haines’ vast product line features appliances you may not have ever even known about. Some things to consider:

Coffee Makers

Enjoy a cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or latte macchiato made fresh from one of our premium coffee makers. If you regularly drink coffee, this is a must have appliance.

Wine Cellars

Wine is a commodity that improves with age, and as such proper wine storage is paramount for preserving wine quality. Unfortunately, improper wine storage can lead to rapid deterioration.

Note on Wine Preservation:

Three factors that lead to wine deterioration are: light, temperature, humidity. Light can create potential wine faults by reacting with phenolic compounds. Temperature can in effect “cook” the wine, leaving a “raisiny” taste. Low humidity is not so much a detriment to the wine itself, but to the cork. Corks need a certain amount of moisture otherwise they dry out, and can possibly allow air to mix with the wine. This is the reason why wines are shipped upside down and stored horizontally. It is said that the best way to store wine is not horizontal, but at a slight angle. This way the cork stays moist, and the ullage (unfilled volume) remains closer to the top – allowing for a more gradual oxidation process.

Beverage Centers

Under-The-Counter Refrigeration
Keggerators – Serve your beer chilled. Some can double as Under-The-Counter refrigeration
Ice Makers – Ice on demand
Beverage Carts – Fill with ice and have the perfect mobile bar. Great for entertaining.

Trexler-Haines wants to ensure that its clients are satisfied with their appliances, and to help facilitate this we strongly recommend visiting out regional showroom and speaking to one of our experienced sales representatives.