Range Tops / Cook Tops

Range Tops

A range top is, as the name implies, is the top of a range without the oven. It “hangs over the edge” of the counter, or whatever it is set in.

Range tops are better suited for a kitchen still in the design phase because modifying existing cabinetry and counter tops can be a tall order.

Range tops can have all the same features as a comparable range. For example, you could get a charbroiler or a griddle on some models.

Range tops can be fueled by either propane or natural gas, and can be anywhere from 24” to 48” wide.

Cook Tops

A cook top is similar to a range top but instead of “hanging over the edge” of the counter it is “set in” the counter. All that this means is the controls are now on top instead of in front.

Cook tops typically only come in two sizes: 30” and 36”, however; other sizes exist.

Cook tops can be powered by propane, natural gas, electric, or induction. Induction cook tops use electromagnetic fields to transform the pot or pan into the heat source. Because of this, induction cook tops are very energy efficient. This very cool technology would allow for a towel to sit on a fully-on induction cook top without igniting.

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