Clothing and fabrics are large expenditures – it’s important to take care of them.

Trexler-Haines understands how important fabric care is our clients, and we strive to match the product with the client.

Most people know that they need a washer and dryer to adequately care for house hold fabrics. The question is: which ones are right for you?

Typically, fabric care has three components: washing, drying, and ironing. To achieve these ends, Trexler-Haines offers a large selection of washers, dryers, and rotary irons.

Rotary Irons

Rotary Irons are devices that press fabrics so they come out looking crisp and fresh. You can put bed linens, clothes, table clothes, and almost any other kind of fabric through this device.

Trexler-Haines wants to ensure that its clients are satisfied with their appliances, and to help facilitate this we strongly recommend visiting out regional showroom and speaking to one of our experienced sales representatives.