Miele Vacuums

Keep your house clean and free of contaminants with the superior performance of a Miele vacuum!

Did you know that the average amount of vacuuming per household is 3 times per week for 20 minutes a session?

Floor cleanliness is not only important for peace of mind and aesthetic appeal; it is also a vital part of removing harmful contaminants from the air. According to the American Lung Association, small particulate is a contributing factor to lung disease, and those who were exposed to higher levels of small particulate experienced a 17% increase in mortality. Risks are increased in children, elderly, and those with chronic respiratory problems.

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Luckily Miele has developed a line of industry leading vacuums that will not only make your floors shine, but also keep the fine particles out of your body.

An independent study proves Mile Vacuums collect more fine particles, removing more than 21 times the next closest competitor.

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