Log Sets / Inserts

An insert is a fireplace-like unit that fits inside an existing masonry wood burning structure. They are more efficient and convenient.

The rule of thumb to know if you can have an insert is: if you were to take the insert OUT you can burn wood in the cavity according to code.

Because inserts go inside an existing masonry structure, your selection is unfortunately usually limited by the size of the existing structure.

Log Sets:

Typically ceramic, log sets are another convenient solution for upgrading an existing masonry structure. Like inserts, gas logs sit inside an existing wood burning structure.

Log sets are great for ambiance and some low heat solutions. Because they are not sealed like inserts, they provide less radiant heat.

Log sets can be vented or unvented. Unvented log sets release the products of combustion back into the room. This makes them good for heating a small area quickly, however; they should not be used for long because of the changing air composition. All unvented log sets come with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor that will automatically shut down the unit if oxygen levels become deficient.

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