Make your fireplace make a statement.

Trexler-Haines is the Lehigh Valley’s premiere mantel retailer. Featuring the industry’s best, Trexler-Haines’ showroom will be sure to give you ideas.

Mantels surround fireplaces and provide an added effect of authenticity without the need for hiring a custom designer. Mantels can either be flat panel or full cabinet. Flat panel mantels are analogous to picture frames, whereas full cabinet mantels are enclosures built around the fireplace to let it stick out into the room.


Protect your investments.

Trexler-Haines provides a wide variety of incombustible pads that your fireplace or stove can rest on without causing a fire hazard. It is important to note that some models REQUIRE an incombustible surface to rest on like tile flooring or a pad.

If you are going to install a zero clearance fireplace and have wood or carpet extending all the way to the fireplace, then you will need an incombustible surface to rest on so that your home does not ignite. These pads come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles – and are inexpensive compared to having tile laid in front of your fireplace or underneath your stove.

These pads are stylish and can complement any look.

Trexler-Haines wants to ensure that its clients are satisfied with their appliances, and to help facilitate this we strongly recommend visiting out regional showroom and speaking to one of our experienced sales representatives.