Turn your back yard into an extension of your home.

Trexler-Haines carries a number of different types of fireplaces and heaters to make your outdoor living experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible – all year long.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your outdoor area is enclosed or has a roof you will need to consider ventilation. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or damage.


There are several zero clearance model fireplaces that are rated for outdoor use. Zero clearance simply means it requires no venting and can be put almost anywhere. Stainless steel boxes and doors protect these units from the elements.

Patio Heaters

Freestanding Models:
Freestanding patio heaters deliver powerful amounts of heat outside with no external connection. Great for heating patios and decks, they radiate heat in a circle.

These units are typically powered by a 20lb propane tank that resides in the bottom, making it very mobile and extremely powerful. These come in different sizes ranging from 6’+ standing units or table top units. Some also come with a table to rest your drink on.

Mounted Models:
Mounted patio heaters are typically attached to something elevated and provide radiant heat in a unidirectional fashion. Where the freestanding models heat in a circular fashion, the mounted models radiate heat in square.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a campfire-style burner and log set combination. With a beautiful flame, you’ll be kept warm all year long with this outdoor appliance.

They are completely weather resistant, and are easy to install. The logs can be switched out for other incombustible materials like river rocks or crystals.


Trexler-Haines carries Napoleon® Torch™ burners. These units are provide up to 6,000 BTU’s with a single elegant flame. This very modern look is ideal for versatile installations, new construction, and renovations.

Torches do not need to be vented.

Trexler-Haines wants to ensure that its clients are satisfied with their appliances, and to help facilitate this we strongly recommend visiting out regional showroom and speaking to one of our experienced sales representatives.