Over The Counter Propane Fills

Current Pricing Until 6/2/14

$14, BBQ cylinders are filled to propane capacity (approximately 20 pounds of propane)

Did you know: Most fill stations and propane tank exchanges only give you 15 pounds of propane (Check the label!!)

Wacky Tuesdays

Starting 5/27/14 and continuing until 9/2/14 – $1 OFF REGULAR PRICING

As of 6/02/14 price for standard BBQ cylinder refills will be $16

We regret having to raise our pricing for BBQ cylinder refills but rising costs have necessitated this change. We have not had a price increase for many years and will continue to work to maintain pricing below our competitors.

As an added service every time you have your tank filled we check the expiration date on your tank and do a visual safety inspection. BBQ tanks are certified for 12 years in the state of Pennsylvania. If we find your tank is expired you can purchase a new tank from us and we will dispose of your expired tank at no charge.

We also sell NEW larger propane cylinders.

Purchase NEW
Note: all the above new cylinders are purged and filled.

If you already own an in compliance larger propane cylinder we can fill it for you (see list below).


Motor Homes / RVs
We will fill these directly.

Cylinder Disposal