THInk Tank FAQ

Q: What is the THInk tank?
A: The THInk Tank is Trexler-Haines’ tank telemetry system that helps reduce cost and risk to you by monitoring propane level and temperature readings.

Q: How does the THInk Tank work?
A: It is a two piece system: a tank reading device is mounted onto the propane tank and a communicating gateway module resides inside the client’s home. The gateway module is installed between the client’s existing phone jack and the telephone. It does not interrupt your calls, and it does not monitor your calls. Sometime during the middle of the night (usually around 1 A.M. EST), the tank reader gets information about your tank’s current level as well as temperature information and sends that information via radio wave to the gateway module inside the home. The gateway module checks to see if the line is busy, and then dials an 800 number (no cost to you whatsoever) and the information sent is sent to a data processing facility somewhere in the United States. They process the information and return detailed analysis and forecasts to us. From this information we are able to lower cost which we pass onto our clients, and this also helps reduce the risk of run-outs and leaks.

Q: Does the THInk Tank cost me anything?
A: No. On the contrary, you receive a discount for participating in our program. The more people with tank readers -the more effective we can operate. So it is to the benefit of everyone that THInk Tanks be installed everywhere!

Q: Does the THInk Tank collect any personal information? What does the THInk Tank monitor?
A: No. We understand how important the protection of personally identifiable information is to our clients, and as such we collect none. The THInk Tank ONLY monitors the float gauge level (how much propane you have), the outside temperature, and the inside temperature. That’s it.