THInk Tank

What it is:

The THInk Tank is Trexler-Haines, Inc. newest technology initiative. It is a system that monitors propane levels and reports that information, along with temperature readings, to a remote data center. The information there is processed and returned to us. This allows for more accurate deliveries and efficient resource expenditures. Ultimately, this results in lower costs for you, the consumer.

How it works:

A tank monitor is attached to your propane tank and reads the float gauge inside the tank. Additionally, there is a gateway module located inside the house connected to a landline telephone wire. During the middle of the night, the tank monitor will communicate with the gateway module – informing the gateway module of the current propane level and the outside temperature. The gateway module then dials an 800 number and transmits the readings to a data center in Texas. From there, the information is processed and drilled down reports are delivered back to Trexler-Haines in Allentown. With this information we are more effectively able to forecast data. The savings -we pass on to you.

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